Conduit API
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The Conduit API provides toolbar and Apps publishers with a means of developing customized, interactive components for use within their Conduit-powered offering using XML, HTML, JavaScript, and associated technologies. Any custom code used to develop these components can optionally be stored on Conduit's servers or the publisher’s own server (where it will be accessed via HTTP URL).
The functional areas of the API are divided it into four basic core sections:

1. HTML Component & Gadget - This group of methods provides an interface specific to both HTML Components and Gadget windows.

2. Gadget Specific - This group of methods provides an interface which is specific to Gadgets only – i.e., they will not work in HTML Components.

3. Web Page API Specific - This group of methods provides an interface to read and modify various characteristics of a given toolbar using JavaScript executed via the end-user’s currently displayed web page.

4. XML Menu Specific - This section documents the XML interface to Conduit’s External XML Menu component, which renders as a dynamic Button with Dropdown OnClick, or simply a dynamic Button.