The best of your site on a customized app
Everything your users can do on your website, they can do on your branded apps or mobile apps, wherever they are on the Web.
  More traffic
Your best content is now always on their browser, bringing users back to your site again and again.
  Access to millions of users
The Conduit Network connects you with more than 260,000 Web and mobile publishers who can now easily add your apps to their own Conduit-powered offering, as well as 230 million users who can add your stuff directly to their browser or mobile device.
  Brand awareness & loyalty
Because your branded app will be in the browser window every time your users log onto the Internet, your brand and best content will always be just a click away.
  Constant contact
Send messages, add a scrolling ticker, and even send Instant Notifications to your users. If you have something to tell them, you can be sure they'll see it!
  Return visitors
Sticky components, useful tools, and cool gadgets make your app more engaging, and keep users coming back.
  Fresh content all the time
Because your app refreshes automatically, you can be sure that your users will immediately see any changes or additions you make to your offering.
  Effective advertising
Have a sale coming up? A promotion or exciting campaign? Maybe a contest? Add it to your Conduit-powered offering, and it will appear in front of your users' eyes within seconds. It's like sending out a personal invitation!


  Whatever can be done on your website,
can be done with your custom app
Make reservations, order tickets, shop, play games, watch videos, check e-mail, and much more. Replicate your Web business strategy on your app and make more money.
  More users means more business
When you're part of the Conduit Network you can share your offers with all Conduit publishers and all of their millions of users. It's a whole new world of potential customers.
Make money with Conduit Active Rewards
Get paid for the number of daily active users of your Community Toolbar.
The more useful and fun your Community
Toolbar is, the more money you'll make!
Ready to Conduit?

It's easy to create apps (we give you the platform), and to promote & distribute them (we give you the tools). Now, with Conduit Mobile, you can create mobile apps just as easily, with all the same benefits, and - as always - it's free.