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Increase Brand Loyalty to Your Music-Related Website

Publishers of music websites, unite! If you want to develop a parade of die-hard fans that march back to your site again and again, you’ve got to make them feel like they’re part of a movement. Conduit toolbars are a 100% free marketing tool that helps transform your website into the favored hang-out for a loyal and growing community of listeners. They help you create an interactive, always-on connection that informs, entertains, and – most importantly – builds loyalty to you, your music, and the site you use to promote it.

If You Care, They’ll Care
Fans are a musician’s best friend, but like any relationship, fan friendships needs to be cultivated. As the publisher of a music site, you can create a free, downloadable toolbar that gives your fans a one-click connection with their favorite music, together with a specially selected array of gifts and gizmos that make them know you care. These toolbar features – from customized radio stations to newsfeeds to photo albums to games (Name That Eurovision Tune, anyone?) – make browsing more enjoyable, and remind subscribers that you get credit for all the fun. And because toolbars sit at the top of the browser window whenever subscribers are online, your gift will follow them wherever they go, continuously beckoning them back to your site with a single click.

Show ‘Em the Hook!
Back in the days of vaudeville, less-than-successful acts were sometimes dragged offstage with the use of a large, theatrical “hook”. But in the Internet age, a hook is positive – a motivating factor that influences your target audience. With Conduit, you can keep your most important marketing message up front at all times, while hooking your subscribers in with special promotions.

For example, let’s say you’re a rapper on the rise. In addition to offering a toolbar-embedded radio station that plays your music, you might want to create a contest that encourages your listeners to write a rap number of their own. You could also offer a customized Facebook-like facility that forms the basis of your fan club or marketing street team.

Look No Further... Conduit toolbars generate return visits by keeping your customers within one quick click of your music, whenever they’re on line. But they can also created “added value” that will encourage them to turn to you for their non-music needs as well.

For example, if you’re the owner of a music sales site, your toolbar can include a customized search engine that allows subscribers to search your offerings first, rather than seeking out your competitors. Or you could use your toolbar to sell “extras” – like T-shirts and music tour memorabilia.

Whether you make your music in the basement on in Carnegie Hall, Conduit Community Toolbars can cement relationships with your fans, and keep them coming back to your site. After all, with what they’ve heard so fare, they don’t want to miss a note.