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To add a Radio Player to your Community Toolbar
Log in to your Control Panel at
From the Toolbar tab, choose the Radio Player component from the list.
To edit your existing Radio Player, move your mouse over its image and choose Edit from the drop-down menu.
You can easily compile a list of radio stations and podcasts to be displayed to your users. To choose stations, you can either:
Search for a specific radio station’s name:
Choose radio stations by category:
From the Search Results displayed, select the stations you want and click Add.
The selected radio stations will be added to the Radio Player menu. Using the links below the menu you can change the order of the list or add additional stations of your own that you didn't find in the search.
Cool fact: In addition to the radio stations you've added, the Radio Player automatically adds your users' local stations, no matter where they are in the world.
Choose a skin for the Radio Player. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the page.
Don’t forget:
Your Community Toolbar is updated immediately for all of your users, with no need for them to download or install it again. So you can always continue to customize this component and add new radio stations or podcasts later on.
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