Integrated Software Apps
 CheckPoint ZoneAlarm Toolbar

A great example of a powerful software integration offering is Checkpoint’s ZoneAlarm software bundle. ZoneAlarm is the worlds’ leading anti-virus/spyware program which utilizes best-in-class threat detection algorithms to identify and eliminate potential threats to users’ PC’s. ZoneAlarm utilized the Conduit platform to extend the software’s capabilities into the browser in order to protect the user while they surf.

ZoneAlarm products are now co-installed with the Conduit Powered ZoneAlarm Toolbar. The ZoneAlarm toolbar in conjunction with ZoneAlarm security products provides users with an active surf protection by identifying potentially threatening sites and alerting the users and gives users additional software features such as secure backup, identity theft protection and site info.

  • Checkpoint integrated many of their software’s functionality into their Conduit Powered Toolbar.
  • Surf Alerts – Notify the user if the site they visit is malicious.
  • Security Info – Retrieve the security info of the site a user is visiting from ZoneAlarm’s database.
  • Utilize ZoneAlarm’s secure online backup service.
  • Identity protection services – Protects the users’ identity while online.

Checkpoint utilized Conduit’s advanced API calls to extend the software’s functionality to the browser itself. Using this method any software vendor can integrate their software’s capabilities directly into the browser. The Conduit platform provides a gateway to extend functionality and usability of the software in ways not previously possible.

 Resources to get you starting:

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